Neglect of Civil Maintenance – an economic problem

Roads are of vital importance in order to make a nation grow and develop. An effective transport infrastructure is of vital importance for the development of a country. Poor civil maintenance constrain mobility, significantly raises vehicle operating costs, increases accident rates and their associated human and property costs, and aggravates isolation, poverty, poor health, and illiteracy in rural communities. If civil maintenance is neglected, it costs five or six times as much to restore the road. Economically, it is an indefensible waste.

Maintain existing roads before funding new ones

Construction of new roads cost money, but without proper civil maintenance, they deteriorate very quickly. If nothing is done, roads with a design life of decades can need replacing or major repair work after just a few years. A cost effective way of maintaining the roads involves fixing the roads as necessary to avoid costly maintenance in the future. Road maintenance requires urgent attention, and every day the work is postponed it becomes more expensive.
In order to establish an efficient civil engineering system, it is important to find the right balance between spending money on construction or on maintenance and operation of the roads.

Why worry about road design and maintenance?

Poorly designed and maintained roads have a higher risk of failing than roads that are well constructed and maintained. Factors to consider in civil maintenance include the environmental impact, the road’s reliability and cost of repetitive maintenance.

In planning civil maintenance it is necessary that the contractors meet the need of the roads and find solutions to road transportation problems.
Infrastructure assets function safely as intended with comprehensive civil maintenance services that includes maintaining the surrounding landscape, pavement repairs, mowing, road furniture, bridge cleaning and vegetation control.
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