Melbourne IT Company

Melbourne today has a population of over four and a quarter million people. Growing at a rate of approximately 1,500 people per week, statistics published in early September 2013 revealed the four fastest growing postcodes in Australia are all within the Greater Melbourne area. Newcomers arrive in a vibrant, dynamically commercial city whose population relies on its computers in all aspects of life, making the IT company an intrinsic element of the city’s make-up.

What does it take to be a effective IT company in Melbourne?

A Melbourne IT company needs to be able to service businesses ranging from sole operators to medium and large sized companies, all of whom require round-the-clock IT support. Melbourne’s computer-dependent populace look for an IT company that can provide a dedicated telephone number and an online portal so IT support requests are handled within strict service level agreement timeframes, ideally backed up by a support team able to solve any issues via remote access. Melbourne’s businesses and home PC users alike all look for value for money, and cost management is a key component when weighing up their providers. An IT company that can offer a fixed price support plan allows clients to concentrate on their core business, knowing in advance the annual budget for their computers.

A range of IT services for Melbourne companies

As a centre of learning and technology, Melbourne creates a market for innovation and beyond-the-norm services. An IT company should have the capability to provide a wide range of services: robust backup, to protect against data loss and get people working again quickly when downtime occurs; virus protection on individual computers, on servers and on internet routers; maintenance of healthy servers so they operate at maximum efficiency; advice on the most effective device for each client’s needs, ranging from a mobile hand-held device to a laptop to a fully set up desktop computer; and implementation of cutting edge technologies, such as cloud computing.

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