Is Hydronic Floor Heating Worth the Investment?

Although it’s not necessarily a new style of heat, hydronic floor heating is making big waves since the world started becoming more environmentally conscious. Getting away from burning so many fossil fuels has prompted a resurgence of an industry like hydronic floor heating, but people are still rather skeptical of its many benefits.

Is hydronic floor heating a good choice for you and your home? Before you make the financial and time investment necessary to install such a heating system in your house, let’s first go over a few reasons why you should consider hydronic floor heating.

Hydronic Floor Heating

Reasons to Consider Hydronic Floor Heating

Hydronic Floor Heating Creates Custom Heated Zones

The first big benefit of hydronic floor heating is that you can easily create custom heated zones throughout your home. For instance, if you hate walking on that cold bathroom tile, you can place the heating elements inside of the flooring. And since heat rises, this is the perfect location for heating the entire home.

Hydronic Floor Heating Does Not Require Bulky Equipment

Because the heating will be under the floor, there’s no bulky equipment to worry about here. For example, rather than having a big furnace or an unsightly radiator in the living room, you’re only dealing with in-floor heating that no one will ever see. The room will be comfortable and cozy, and you won’t have any eye sores to look at.

Hydronic Floor Heating Does Not Require Complex Maintenance

Unlike fuel furnaces with hundreds of moving parts, the set-up of hydronic floor heating is pretty straightforward. The main unit itself may require occasional maintenance, but this can typically be handled in minutes and won’t require the professionals to come in and replace parts. Overall, these systems last a very long time and give very few problems.

Hydronic Floor Heating Results in Lower Energy Costs

You all know that one family that has the big oil truck pull up outside their home two times every winter, delivering expensive oil to burn. You also know families who go out and purchase expensive firewood, who spend thousands in electric heat, and who waste good money on inefficient solar heat. Hydronic floor heating is like the perfect balance. You get the heat you require, where you require it, for a lot less money than other methods.

No heating system is perfect; everything has its flaws. But for heat that’s affordable, wholly custom, and that is sleek and doesn’t create an eye sore, you really can’t beat hydronic floor heating.